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Why keep natural indoor plants!
Did you know that natural plants help in purifying the air around us? 

Many people prefer to have artificial plants for the purpose of decoration of their homes. The reason for having artificial plants is that they do not require any maintenance at all besides the regular dusting.

Keeping a natural plant in your house, shop or office etc., however, has a lot of advantages. Natural plants are known to help purify the atmosphere around us.  This has been proved by studies that have conducted by NASA.  The plants are not only decorative but they also absorb the potentially harmful gases and clean the air around us.  They reduce the amount of formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide present in that air indoors

Modern day homes have a exotic interiors made up of paints, furnishings etc.  These in the process of their degradation emit trace levels of organic chemicals which build up into high toxic levels.  Natural indoor plants have been so efficient in combating these trace levels that they have been re-christened as "air cleaning machines".