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Looking out for a place in your neighborhood where you can buy your plants, seeds, fertilizers, tools & implements, irrigation system etc. from?

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Tips for buying houseplants.

Before buying a plant, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What kind of plants do I like? Flowering or Foliage plants? Cacti?
  2. Do I like to prune?
  3. Do I like plants with small leaves or larg leaves?
  4. How big or small is the space where I want to place the plant?
  5. Does the place get sufficient sunlight?
  6. Am I willing to spare time to look after the plant?
  7. Do I want a fast or a slow growing plant?

After you have answered these questions, you are now ready to buy a plant of your choice. You have to be extremely choosy when selecting your plant. Look for a nursery that has sufficient stock where you can choose from. Be absolutely sure that the plants have reveived poper care at the nursery where you are buying your plants from. It is not only the plant that you are buying that should be healthy, but all the plants that are in the nursery should be properly looked after.

Select a plant that has healthy leaves and stems. The edges of the leaves should not be brown. The plant should be of the size that you wish. If you buy a smaller plant, thinking that it will grow over a period of time, you could be disappointed. The plant may not grow in the same rate at which you are expecting it to grow. It could take months or even years (depending upon the type of plant) for the plant to reach the height of your liking. Moreover, a well established manture plant can aclamatise itself better than a young plant.

Select a plant that has established itself well in the pot. Do not select a plant that has been newly potted . There is the danger that the plant may not do well when you take it home.

Do not buy plants in polly bags unless you want to plant them in the ground. It is better to buy the plants that are already planted in pots.

Select a plant that has been grown in shade. It will get itself aclamatised for being kept indoors faster than a plant that has been grown in the open.

Inspect the plant very carefully, specially under the leaves and leaf joints, for any pests or diseases.