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Plant Care Guide >> Outdoor Shrubs >> Ixora Singaporensis
Ixora is notable for its brightly coloured flowers, which are composed of many small blossoms massed together into dense, flat-topped flower heads. It is the national flower of Republic of Suriname. The plant blooms throughout the year.
Common name:

Ixora, Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame, or Jungle Geranium

Botanical Name:

Ixora Singaporensis




The two to three inch-long leaves are bronzy when young, later turning to a glistening dark green.


It blooms all the year round.


The plant requires to be grown in full sun. A minimum of four hours of sunlight is necessary for the plant.


The plant requires rich, well drained acidic soil.


The plant needs high humidity.


Water moderately allowing the top half-inch of the soil to dry between waterings.

Pest and Problems:

It is very sensitive to one or more pests or diseases which can affect plant health or aesthetics. Problems include nematodes, aphids, bagworms and scale.

Growth habit:

The plant is moderate growing and can grow to about 8-10 feet.


Ixora are acid lovers. Feed monthly with a good quality water soluble fertilizer formulated for acid loving plants.


Remove blooms when past peak. Removing one or two leaves below the blossom will promote branching and increase blooming. Remove undesired branches at any time plant appears healthy.


Propagation is done through stem cuttings.

Special Care:

Always use acid forming fertilizers.

Landscaping Use:

The much-branched, compact habit of Ixora makes it ideal for hedges, borders, screens or as a specimen planting.

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