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Looking out for a place in your neighborhood where you can buy your plants, seeds, fertilizers, tools & implements, irrigation system etc. from?

Select the product or service that you want.

About GreenPatio.Com

There are a number of products and services that are related to landscaping. Architects, contractors plants, seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, gardening tools, pots, irrigation systems, fountains, garden lights, children's play equipment, shade nets, etc., are all an integral part of landscaping. However, as of today there isn't any common directory where all the above services are listed. To look for any of these items, one has to scan through a number of yellow pages that exist today and yet you will not get the information that you are looking for. Most of them do not have the sections/category for the products that a person is looking for.

We have also created an e-group where members listing their business in GreenPatio.Com can interact with each other. The e-group will be very useful in reducing the time lost in sourcing plants. Whenever a member has a requirement for plants which he cannot fulfill himself or from his known sources, he can post his requirement to the group. Any member meeting his requirement can write back about the availability of that particular plant. This way, members can look for plants beyond their known sources. Similarly, members having excess stock can reach out far beyond their known sources to sell their plants.

The website offers free tips on how to make gardens, terrace gardens and has wide growing database offering tips on taking care of plants – something that is of utmost need for every plant lover. Almost every housewife wants to have a plant on her balcony, on the windowsill, next to her kitchen window and in her bedroom as well. People want to keep plants in their offices too. They are however reluctant to do so out of fear that they will not be able to look after the plants and that the plants will not survive for a very long time. The site makes and attempt to help all the plant lovers fulfill their dream of having a plant in their homes or offices. Looking after a plant was never so easy.

With financial assistance from Dr. Dhuni Soren from Liverpool (UK), GreenPatio.Com is the brainchild of Sanjay Besra. Although he does not have a formal education in horticulture, his experience of working for over 14 years in “Ferntastica Gardens Ltd.”, a premier landscaping firm in Mumbai, has helped him to understand the subject to a great depth. Though still at a very nascent stage, the site has an impressive viewership. With time to come, visitors will be able to find loads of information regarding plants, landscaping and related topics. We plan to build an exhaustive database of plants with tips on how to care for them.